• Summer Camp
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Annual Cultural Programme
  • Annual Sports
  • Annual Medical check-up Camp
  • Festival Celebration
  • Interaction Sessions
Summer  Camp : In Summer Kolkata becomes hot & boring specially for kids as they get stuck in homes. We change this concept fully by making the summer fun filled, interesting and adventurous through our summer camp .Every day is devoted to a  Main Activity and a Sub Activity which includes  Water activity ,Magic show, Big screen cartoon show, Pet show, Adventure day, Dough activity, Sand activity, Puppet show etc.

Mock  Interview  Sessions :  Every Saturday mock interview sessions are conducted to prepare the child for different good English medium schools. It starts from the month July every year. We are proud to say that our students are getting selected to reputed schools like DPS , Adamas, St.Mary’s, South Point, Auxilium Convent, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, St Stephens etc.
Annual  Cultural  Programme : Though we follow Maria Montessori concept, while implementing  the methods we keep in mind the rich Indian cultural background  and high Indian values which runs into each Indian child. We try to utilise their natural cultural instinct as a learning process through our Annual Cultural Programmes. Other than learning great co ordination skills it does magical effect on their confidence building, shedding of inhibitions and hesitations. Every year in the month of December our children give brilliant performance on stage.
Annual  Sports : Guardians with their children participates in variety of events. Its a way they can enjoy quality time with their kids and enjoy the thrill of winning medals and trophies.
Annual  Medical Check-Up  Camp : Paediatric and dentist visit school for thorough check-up of every child.
Festival  Celebrations : All festival celebrations like Holi, Rakshabandhan, Poila Boishak, Independence Day, Children’s Day  along with Summer party, Autumn Party, Christmas Party etc are conducted throughout the year.
Interaction  Session : Sessions enabling guardians to participate in their learning process and allowing them to witness their child’s performance in the school environment .It helps them to identify and  understand  their child’s  strength as well as weak points.
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